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We have it all under one roof. Our business is unique in that we provide products and services for vulnerable, at-risk populations in a comprehensive and trustworthy process. Our Customers are largely comprised of Consumers living with conditions that might limit them in one way or another, mentally and/or physically, and Senior Citizens who primarily live in private residences, Board and Care, Assisted Living and group homes, Residential Care, Transitional Care and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF and ICF/MR). Phoenix Medical Services also provides supplies, equipment and services to adjunct businesses, professional organizations and Day Programs serving Vulnerable Adults, Youth, Children and Infants. We offer a wide range of quality, hand-selected products and services above and beyond the usual and customary medical supplies. We provide extra, value-added services as well. Have you discovered a need for products? Are you spending precious time looking for a supplier you can actually rely upon to do what they say they will do? Are you tired of being bombarded with and whittling through sales presentations where the person at the other end is pitching promises that they think you want to hear? Are you unhappy about the way you are treated, never knowing from one call to another that you will be treated respectfully and get what you need? Are you looking for exceptional Customer Service? Look no further! We have the solutions for you. We have it all together under one roof. We genuinely care about you, our Valued Customer! We do what we say we are going to do. We are good at what we do!

Some additional qualities that make us stand out are:

  • Recognized locally, regionally and nationally as the Home and Durable Medical Equipment Supplier’s prestigious “Provider of the Year Award” Recipient for Excellence in Outstanding Customer Service and Satisfaction, Commitment to Industry Professionalism, Legislative Advocacy and Community Volunteerism.
  • Recognized locally, regionally and nationally with the Multiple Sclerosis Society for Outstanding Community Volunteerism.
  • Full Service supplier, including environmental, janitorial and housekeeping products, Aids for Daily Living, Incontinence Care supplies and Urological products, Nursing Care and Wound Care supplies, Ostomy and Enteral Feeding products, Respiratory Care and Nebulizers, Diabetic Supplies, Obstructive Airway and Sleep Apnea Diagnostic and In-home Rehabilitative medical equipment, First Aid and First Responder products, to name a few categories of products we carry. (For more information, go to our on-line Our Catalog listings).
  • The Right Product In The Right Amount At The Right Time. ™
  • Continuum of Care Documentation Program, including our exclusive and innovative The Write Way™ Education Series.
  • Fast, reliable, discreet and courteous HIPAA-certified delivery service program.
  • We make sure that you have enough but not too much on hand at all times.  PMSI provides what we call a “Seamless Order System™, or SOS™”, which means that you get your order replenishment at just the right time.  No stock outs.  No running to the store.  No surprises. Always having what you need.
  • Consumer Order Tracking Systems™ (COTS™) provided to our Customers for easy and accurate management of their supply needs.
  • Joan Nerz, owner of Phoenix Medical, has been a Registered Nurse since the early 1970’s and is recognized for her integrity and business acumen.  She is also known for her high standards and honesty, reflected in part by her honorable personal and professional reputation. Over the past 30 years she has stepped into the spotlight as a solid, recognized leader within the HealthCare industry. She is a published author and also served 6 years on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Association of Medical Equipment Services (MAMES), for the limit of consecutive Board of Director participation. Five of those six years she represented Home (HME) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers throughout the state and 7-state association region as their Minnesota State Chair. She also is an active member of the Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC), a broad-based group representing Minnesota health care public and private payers, hospitals, health care providers and state agencies. The AUC replaced the Minnesota Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (MN HCPCS Association), of which Ms. Nerz was an active member and sole representative of MAMES and its contingent membership. Ms. Nerz also initiated, developed and co-founded with the MN Department of Human Services, Minnesota Health Care Programs’ (MHCP) the Durable Medical Equipment Advisory Committee, which is an active and collaborative process to research and develop medical policies and service coverage criteria for approximately 500,000+ MHCP recipients state-wide.  She also served 12 years as a Board of Director for a non-profit, community-based organization whose origins were a Federal Health and Human Services pilot project to keep Seniors and Vulnerable Adults in their homes, utilizing human and existent service-related resources and networks within their community.
  • Licensed by the MN Board of Pharmacy for over 20 years.
  • Certified and/or accredited for business operations by HIPAA, OSHA, MN Department of Health, FDA and Medicare. Meets all Medicare Supplier Standards.
  • Provides On-Site and Virtual University training and customized education for Direct Support Staff, Care Providers, QMRPs, Case Managers, Licensed Social Workers and Discharge Planners about effective product usage, pertinent Regulatory requirements, Disease Management, Safety programs and other health-related topics.
  • Affiliate Partner Training™ (APT™) Education Programs to provide detailed training about Case Management, clinical assessments, care option interventions, Disease Management, nutrition, incontinence, ostomy care, Evidence-Based Medicine and much, much more.
  • Bi-lingual staff and associates: Spanish, English, Russian and Southeast Asian, including Hmong.
  • Approved Total Quality Assurance, ASTM International (ASTM = originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) participating manufacturers and targeted vendor product lines from which to choose.  Consumers Safety ≈ First and Foremost. ™
  • Phoenix Medical has been an active and contributing member with the Association of Residential Resources of Minnesota (ARRM), serving on non-staff and chairperson positions for special interest development committees as well as their Annual Spring Conference Committee.
  • Member of the MN Better Business Bureau and 10-year recipient of their Excellence in Service and Business in Good Standing annual recognitions.
  • Accredited and Certified to offer Continuing Education Unit credits to meet state licensure requirements.
  • Perform Total Quality Assurance and Utilization Reviews for all Customers, regardless of their size or affiliations.
  • Conduct Clinical Assessments and Regulatory-related Audits for licensed Residential Care, Intermediate Care Facilities, Adult Day Programs and Day Habilitation and Training sites.
  • Provide Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and OSHA-required inventory and equipment tracking programs.
  • Awarded multi-year contract with County Community Human Services Departments to provide medical supplies and equipment for Home and Community Based Waivers recipients. (For more information, you may go to: www.co.ramsey.mn.us )
  • Walk in store front showroom.

As you can see, we offer diverse, high-quality, helpful, and value-added supportive services that make us a unique and esteemed provider for our Customers. Other companies within our industry do not offer the extent or flexibility of services that we currently provide. Plus, we are continuously adding, extending and upgrading, on behalf of our Customers, what we do best, which is: One Call, One Solution ≈ Exemplary Customer Service™!!!

We are easy to reach and conveniently located in beautiful Roseville, MN (between Minneapolis and St. Paul) at the crossroads of Highway 36 and Interstate 35 W. We serve all of Minnesota and the Great Midwest.


Across The Street or Across The Nation.™

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